Rosé of Pinot Noir


Rosé wine can be created in various ways from numerous varieties. In Lucy’s case, the lightly-colored skins of Pinot Noir grapes create the color we love – the pulp of the berries themselves have no color. We craft our Lucy rosé using two traditional methods. With some of the fruit, we send it directly to the press and squeeze the grapes. This method is called “whole cluster pressing”, and it is very gentle and brings out only limited color.  With the balance of the fruit, we utilize the “Saignée” technique. This is when the berries are placed in a tank for a few hours to gain a little bit more color. The combination of these two traditional approaches creates the Lucy wine we love.

Next, we transfer the juice into neutral wood barrels. These barrels have been used many times and no longer have any oak flavor. Fermenting in neutral barrels at cool temperature gives texture and intensity to the wine and preserves the delicate aromatics. Following fermentation, Lucy sleeps in our cellar for 3-4 months before bottling. The lightly-colored, very aromatic and refreshing Rosé is then bottled in clear glass so her color can shine through.

Only a limited amount of Lucy Rosé is produced each year so that the utmost care and attention can be given to the wine.


Lucy Rose